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Innovative upgrade for power supply control center

“Electricity everywhere and at all times” – according to this guiding principle, around 160,000 so-called extraction points in and around Magdeburg are supplied with electricity. Responsible for this: Netze Magdeburg GmbH, a 100% subsidiary of Städtische Werke Magdeburg In order to remain true to this maxim at all times, the power supplier has now brought in a strong partner. With the support of Jungmann Systemtechnik GmbH, the power supply control center was extensively modernised.

A scene that can still be seen in many control centers today: A confusing number of monitors, a separate computer for each data source with various mouse-keyboard units that make life difficult for the operators, and, as the cherry on top, furniture from a time when the issue of “ergonomics” did not yet play a role. “It just didn’t fit any more, it was all too much for us,” remembers Karl-Ludwig Stephan, Head of Power System Management.

Clear requirements for technology and ergonomics

The requirements for an upgrade of the control center of Netze Magdeburg were thus clearly defined: Fewer screens and improved visibility, a technical solution that offers more flexible application options and contemporary, ergonomically designed furniture. Just the right match for the control room professionals at JST.

JST Netze Magdeburg: Operator workstation in front of a large display screen at sitting height
JST Netze Magdeburg: Operator workstation in front of a large display screen at standing height

The Stratos X11® CommandDesk: a switch between sitting and standing to relieve back strain.

Positive employee response to new technology

It was clear from the very first discussions during a workshop day in the JST control room simulator: “The solutions that we were presented with here were able to convince both the younger and the more experienced colleagues,” according to Karl-Ludwig Stephan. The intuitive operation of our MultiConsoling® technology, a tool for controlling all workstations and the large-format system, along with the myGUI® graphical user interface, was quickly accepted by all employees.

JST solutions make the "island wish" possible

The opinion of the operator team also played a decisive role in the design of the premises. As a result, it was jointly agreed that the new power supply control center should be equipped with an “island solution.” A combination of two semicircular and one classic Operator Desk from the JST Stratos series made this special request possible.

JST Netze Magdeburg: Operator consoles in front of a large display screen
JST-Netze-Magdeburg: Control centre with two operator desks

Maximum flexibility thanks to mobile large display walls

Two large display walls with business displays, featuring ultra-slim frames, were integrated directly into the work island, making them perfect for BigPicture display. The highlight: Each operator can assign individual sources to “their own” large-format displays. Nevertheless, the display walls are integrated into mobile DisplayRacks, which can also be combined to form a large DisplayWall as needed.

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