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Assembly control room provides an overview of central plant monitoring

Regardless of whether it is an elegant saloon or a sporty coupé – all vehicles manufactured at the Audi plant in Ingolstadt pass through a whole series of different assembly stations. To ensure that this workflow runs smoothly, employees at the Ingolstadt assembly control room for the Audi A4 and A5 series monitor a total of more than 330 systems. The technical equipment from JST – Jungmann Systemtechnik® plays an important role in supporting this work.

Which belts are currently in operation? Where might a fault have occurred and must be reacted to quickly? The employees in the Audi assembly control room, which was completely redesigned during the modernisation work, have a perfect view of everything.

JST-AUDI assembly control room Ingolstadt: AlarmLight bathes control room in blue light

JST ambience: The lighting on the StratosX11 OperatorDesk and on the DisplayWall is controlled by a hotkey; the colours can be selected freely and intuitively. They create a pleasant atmosphere, which makes a significant contribution towards a positive working environment.

"Quick, easy and uncomplicated"

Even during the planning phase, project manager and technical administrator Michael Kätzlmeier had very clear ideas about the new technology that would be introduced at Audi: “We wanted an uncomplicated system that offers flexible display options and at the same time is quick and easy to handle.”

Audi colleagues provide excellent references

During an early online search, the IT specialist came across JST. “I found the products immediately interesting”, remembers Michael Kätzlmeier. Colleagues from other Audi control rooms then provided additional reasons for the Jungmann specialists. JST technology is used both in the control room for central vehicle management, in the MMS control room and at Audi in Mexico.

"Exactly what we needed"

“The positive feedback from my colleagues convinced me,” says the IT expert, who also familiarised himself with its technical possibilities during a visit to the control room simulator from Jungmann Systemtechnik. “Everything was just right: the perfect appearance, the simple operation. It was exactly what we needed.”

Intuitive operation thanks to MultiConsoling®

Today, a new large display wall has replaced the previously confusing number of different displays with which the control room was equipped over the years. With JST’s MultiConsoling® technology, all information can now be accessed from every workstation to be flexibly displayed in real time on workstation monitors, on individual large-format displays or as BigPicture across several large-format displays. Michael Kätzlmeier: “The software works perfectly. We were able to put the whole system into operation from a standstill without any problems. The intuitive operation makes the employees’ work easier.”

Large-display technology enables flexible presentation

Yet the project manager added another important plus to the new large-display technology in the rooms of the assembly control room: “Unlike in the past, we can now visualise more information from the plants, thanks to the higher degree of automation of the new systems. The large display wall now allows us flexible display options and supports the control room in coordinating the employees.”

JST-AUDI assembly control room Ingolstadt: Large-format displays with extremely narrow frames

JST large-display technology: The large-format displays from JST with perfect illumination through energy-saving LED backlighting and high pixel resolution are optimised for 24/7 use without exception. Special advantage: The ultra-narrow frames enable the presentation of an application on several displays simultaneously.

Operator consoles offer ergonomic advantages

Michael Kätzlmeier did not fail to mention the ergonomics aspect either: “This is an important factor.” Consequently, the Audi managers opted for the special operator consoles from the Stratos series, which offer a wide range of ergonomic benefits; such as electromotive height adjustment, a generously proportioned “foot garage” and lowered monitor stands for a relaxed head position.

JST-AUDI assembly control room Ingolstadt: Height-adjustable work desks with PC mounts

JST furniture: Top class ergonomics and flexibility. Height-adjustable operator consoles with lowered monitor stands that allow a relaxed head position and a clear view of the large display wall. The EU standard DIN EN527-1 is fully complied with.

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