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Application-oriented control center at ITERGO

The ERGO Insurance Group has created ideal conditions for future-oriented IT with a new building at its Düsseldorf headquarters. 750 employees are accommodated in the new office building as well as one of the two computer centers and the application-oriented control center of ITERGO Informationstechnologie GmbH. And it is for this very purpose that the IT experts of the insurance group have made use of the competence of JST – Jungmann Systemtechnik®.

With innovative technology and an interior design, that fits into the overall concept of the new building, the experts from JST have succeeded in convincing the experts from ITERGO all along the line. In an interview, Christian Diedrich, member of the Board of Management of the ERGO Insurance Group, explains the so-called “open space” concept underlying the entire new building in Düsseldorf: “The workplaces are distributed over an open area. This allows employees to communicate freely. This promotes creativity, especially in areas where development is involved. Of course, there are also opportunities for retreat, for example for meetings.”

JST also contributed to the realisation of this basic idea from 3D planning to the realisation of the application-oriented control center: The workstations offer both functionality and a pleasant atmosphere. Technology and furniture were adapted to the needs of the customer. This ranges from the projection screen with twelve 52-inch displays and sound-absorbing panelling, to the individually adjustable STRATOS CommandDesks to a crisis management room for IT emergencies, which is separated from the control room by a shutter wall and features retractable displays, beamers and a smartboard.

ITERGO - Control centre from JST - Large screen

JST JST large display wall: Equipped with a sound-absorbing wall covering: the large display wall in the ITERGO control center.
JST control center desk Meets the highest ergonomic and visual demands: the CommandDesk

ITERGO - Control centre from JST - Multiconsoling
ITERGO - Control centre from JST - Displaywall

JST MultiConsoling®: Thanks to MultiConsoling® all information can be accessed from every workplace.
JST Displaywall: Composed of twelve 52″ inch displays: the large display wall at ITERGO Düsseldorf.

ITERGO - Control centre from JST - Pilot control centre

JST Pilot Control Station – Already two years before the new control center was put into operation, JST implemented the pilot control center – today, these workstations are also completely integrated into the working operation.
JST shutter wall: – A shutter wall, which can be switched from frosted to clear glass, separates the control center from the conference area.

ITERGO - Control centre from JST - Display
ITERGO - Control centre from JST - Conference room

JST Displays: Electronically and continuously retractable into the sideboards: the displays in the conference room.
JST conference room: 16 participants can be comfortably seated in the crisis management room and are in direct contact with the control center.

ITERGO - Control centre from JST - Smartboard and PowerPort Data Module in the conference table

JST technology: The technical equipment in the crisis room includes, among other things, a beamer, Smartboard and PowerPort data modules in the conference table.

IT services at ERGO - ITERGO

As the central internal IT service provider of the ERGO Insurance Group, ITERGO Informationstechnologie GmbH develops and implements IT strategies and service concepts for Germany and abroad. In this way, the company ensures that ERGO is constantly working at the cutting edge of information technology. In Germany, ITERGO has offices in Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Cologne and Munich.

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