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When every second counts

Europe’s leading direct bank ING DiBa has commissioned JST – Jungmann Systemtechnik® to develop and implement a new visualisation and room concept for monitoring critical business processes.

First of all, the direct bank created a concept for this purpose to ensure both rapid error detection and rapid troubleshooting. For this purpose, ING DiBa uses operational analysts, an SLA manager, a problem manager and a change manager in the Command Control Center in 24/7 shift operation.

The critical alarms are displayed via a so-called SNMP manager on the large display wall with previously defined layouts, which saves constant monitoring. Furthermore, ING DiBa uses less space on the large display wall thanks to this event-related display, thus saving costs.

All workstation computers were installed in a technical room. This concept enables ING DiBa to keep noise as well as heat and stale air away from the workplaces. The noise and heat radiation of the large display rear-projection cubes are absorbed by a cladding of the large screen wall.

With the so-called Multiconsoling function, every authorised employee can operate the workstations of his colleagues and the large display wall. Access takes place without any loss of performance or quality, since the connection of the PCs is independent of the operating system and the network.

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