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Perfect technical solution for monitoring centers

120 new offshore wind turbines to be monitored – in order to perform this huge task professionally and in a qualified manner, the wind specialists of the company Adwen have brought the team of JST – Jungmann Systemtechnik® on board. With success: “Thanks to the new technology we can guarantee smooth operation,” sums up Marco Eden, responsible for the conversion of the Adwen Monitoring Center in Bremerhaven.

A confusingly large number of different screens that are not optimised for24/7 control center operation, complicated switching back and forth between the individual monitors – the problems in the former Adwen Monitoring Center are familiar to operator teams in many control centers. “We urgently needed a perfect and future-oriented solution,” remembers Marco Eden.

Large number of plants with MultiConsoling® in view

After a visit to the Buxtehude control room simulator – the only control room simulator from JST in Europe – the Adwen team was quickly convinced. Marco Eden: “We were delighted with the possibilities available. The MultiConsoling technology® provides the perfect overview when monitoring the many different systems”.

Operation of myGUI® in the IT control room at ADWEN

JST MultiConsoling®: The photo shows the JST myGUI, the user interface for the MultiConsoling® computer is simply and intuitively connected to the workplace monitors and the large-screen displays. Only one mouse and keyboard is required per workstation.

Current application is connected directly

In particular, the expert appreciates that thanks to MultiConsoling® it is now possible to switch directly to any monitor by simply switching the desired application, without having to change locations: “We no longer have to keep an eye on everything at once, but can switch on what is needed in the current application. This is especially necessary with the diverse hardware of our various customers in order to guarantee trouble-free processes.“

JST DisplayWall®: The control center employees have a perfect view of the DisplayWall from their workstations®. The design strips with high-quality aluminium brushed surface and the AmbientLight give the large display walll the distinctive JST look.

Optimal room concept thanks to perfect planning

Further benefits from the JST control system MultiConsoling®: The number of workstation monitors could be significantly reduced, and this naturally also has an effect on the interior design of the control room. The number of special Jungmann Stratos operator consoles was optimised in favour of a perfect room concept. Marco Eden: “We decided on the JST desks with regard to ergonomics, and the team is very satisfied.

JST-Adwen: Large display wall with design stripes of brushed aluminium and flush mounted speaker

JST large display technology: JST pays particular attention to the details. This can be seen, for example, in the design of the large display wall with high-quality brushed stainless steel design strips, accentuating AmbientLight and flush-fitting loudspeaker systems. The AmbientLight can, for example, flash red in the event of a critical alarm – in other words, it is “event-controlled”.

Pleasantly cool and quiet in the control center

The same applies to the outsourcing of computers to an adjacent technical room. “It is now pleasantly cool and really quiet in the control center,” says the project manager, citing the decisive improvements. This naturally also includes the new large display wall with a total of eight UltraSlimLine LC displays, which, thanks to its millimetre-thin frames, makes it easy to display cross-monitor BigPicture displays. Marco Eden about the new wall, which keeps the whole team informed about the most important events: “The large display wall is used very intensively by everyone”.

JST concept convinces during operation

Current balance of the Adwen project manager after the first months of operation of the new plant: “We are really convinced of the overall concept that JST has provided us with the new Monitoring Center”.

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